Event Hotels Voucher Shop

Give pure joy for any occasion

Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, or an anniversary – with the Event Hotels vouchers, you always make the right choice!

With the Event Hotels vouchers, you give true, individual joy for every occasion: A voucher for a hotel in a popular German city like Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, or Frankfurt is an invitation to a personal timeout. An invitation to an adventure, to moments that will remain in warm memory.

In our Event Hotels voucher shop, we have gathered selected vouchers from the most popular and prestigious hotels in our group, all you have to do is choose and give!

Regardless of which voucher you choose: Each voucher can be redeemed in full for either a night’s stay or for an espresso at the hotel bar. Add your own personal message, photos, and video to each voucher and then print it out directly.

Our hotel vouchers: A quick, individual gift that creates lasting memories.

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